Medium pop-top jar – Sativa


New collaboration! We proudly present you our new Pot’D x PAPRIKO Ink pop-top stash jars! PAPRIKO Ink is the really cool Swiss artist, based in Japan. Check papriko_ink for more awesome art!

Hallo sativa lover! How do you stash your little gems? These glass pop-top stash jars are a must have for any Sativa lover! With the large version of 300 ml you can keep about 15 grams of your best indica in perfect conditions for a very long time.

  • High quality glasswork
  • Wear and scratch resistant logos. Baked at high temperature
  • Odor and air tight because of the special sealing ring

Additional information


200ml > about 10 grams


⌀ 7 cm

Height (with lid)

10 cm


425 g


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